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Cotswold Combed Top

Combed Top

We select only lamb’s wool for our combed top. The fleece is sheared when the lamb reaches one year of age, thus providing an ample staple length of 8 to 10 inches. This rare, premium product comes in a beautiful creamy white. Cotswold wool is delightfully lustrous and takes dyes nicely, resulting in rich, pure colors. Combed top is used to spin a worsted yarn that gives woven or knitted garments a beautiful drape, minimal pilling, and great durability. Lamb’s wool has the added advantage of being softer and finer than the fiber from an adult.

 8 Ounces — $24.00Click here for ordering information

Cotswold White Roving


Wool from adult sheep, sheared every six to eights months, is sent to the mill to be washed, carded and made into roving. Roving differs from combed top in that carding will open the fleece and lightly align the fibers. Combed top is processed further by combing, which results in all the fibers lying parallel. Roving is used for spinning, felting, and crafting. Roving is best suited for spinning a woolen yarn. Woolen yarns have a soft handle and are warm.

Cotswold Black Roving
Cotswold Black Roving

Beautiful Hand-Dyed Roving.

Quantity and color availability change often. For what is currently in stock and price, contact

Cotswold White Yarn



Our two-ply worsted, sport weight and fingerling yarns make exceptional Aran-style garments. The luster of the yarn enhances the cables and texture in this style of knitting. Cotswold yarn is strong and wears well, making it wonderful for knitting socks and mittens. Try it for your next felted knit project. We offer cream and gray.

Two ply worsted yarn – $15.00 per skein.
Cream: 182 yards — Gray: 136 yards

Two ply sport yarn – $12.00 per skein.
Cream: 198 yards — Gray: 200 yards

Two ply fingerling yarn – $15.00 per skein
Cream: 230 yards – Gray: 230 yards

Dyed yarns - fingerling and sport:
For current stock and pricing, contact

Yardage per skein is approximate

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Cotswold Black Yarn
Sport Weight Yarn

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